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Although I am a nervous person, people tell me I have the ability to calm others. An aura of green-blue makes a person trustworthy, and you can see that in my aura above. If it has traces of yellow, the health is somewhat weakened. A very lemony green, with lots of yellow, shows deceit in a person.

And everything looks better in gold and green The lights on the trees shining all through the city Are the prettiest I've ever seen And the world decides to sleep safe tonight The carolers they sing noel Silent night and silver bells And all around you snow will fall Like confetti stars and paper dolls And everything looks better in gold and green

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Gold and Green is the fourth studio album and first Christmas album from country music duo Sugarland. The album was released on October 13, 2009 via Mercury Records Nashville . It features five original songs penned by group members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush and five traditional holiday songs that were also previously included as part

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Above a plain of gold and green, A young boy's head is plainly seen Chorus: Across the plain of gold and green a young boy plainly can be seen A huya huya huyaya swiftly tumbling waters A huya huya huyaya swiftly tumbling waters Above a Plain / Swiftly Flowing Labe From: GUEST,Dan Axtell