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Modern Interior Design and Sensual Home Decor in Pastel

Mark says your garden can be your best source of design inspiration. "I like to create interiors that are an extension of what you see just outside the window," he says. Here, he complements the blue-and-white French bistro stools and sky-blue walls (Borrowed Light by Farrow & Ball) with a mossy green island.

This trio of gorgeous grey and blue interiors are all set to entice you into a brand new cool colour scheme. Each of the modern city apartments feature a myriad of individual design features that are set to send your imagination to new heights.

In a New York apartment, interior designer Ashley Whittaker adorned the master bedroom walls with a custom-colored Bennison fabric. "The delicate pattern on the walls contrasts with the larger pattern on the canopy," she says of the room's blue-and-white decor, which she accented with soft pink. Photo by Erick Piasecki

While we aren't prone to playing favorites, there's one room style that makes our design hearts burst every time: an all-white interior.While in theory, a bleached-out space should be stark and cold, the visual reality tells a very different story.

The white and blue-gray coffered ceiling is the main source of blues in this example of living room interior design. Select design elements, such as the panel front door and the cantilever lounge chairs, also carry the blue motif with different hues of the said color.

by Karen White Interior Design More traditional and transitional kitchens seem to use the same shades in a less lustrous and more stoic fashion. Painting the lower shelves of the kitchen blue while painting the top ones white is a trend that is currently pretty popular.