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Interior Design Degree Program - Design Institute of San Diego

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San Diego Mesa College has interior design program that instructs you on environmental applications, technical skills and professional practices. Courses include residential design, drafting, color theory, textiles and lighting design.

Design Institute of San Diego is small for a school but big for an interior design degree program. As specialists in interior design education for over 30 years, we understand our subject in great depth. Our curriculum is not a narrow focus, but a wide exploration and consistently remains at the forefront of interior design education because our dedicated faculty members incite passion while encouraging the next wave of design innovators.

Interior design is an enveloping artform that can turn blank walls into a space so beautiful you never want to leave. San Diego has the kind of rich landscape that can inspire this level of design, and these San Diego interior designers are among the best and most inspired in their field.

In addition to general design concepts, interior design graduate programs may also touch on the principles of sustainability, globalism, architecture and social responsibility. Some interior design schools may even provide students with the opportunity to conduct research to contribute new ideas and best practices to the field.

Professional level programs accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) voluntarily place themselves before the scrutiny of the profession to ensure that students receive an education that will serve them not only during their time at school, but also prepare them for future professional growth.