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Railing against the "Chair Rail". Here the proportion feels right, with the wainscoting grounding the hallway. The color treatment is subtle with contrast (dark floors) and the focus on texture. And in this beautiful room (below) designed by Katie Rosenfeld , scale, balance and furniture placement make the high contrast horizontal line work.

Analogous Colors. One popular application of analogous color schemes involves painting 3- to 4-inch-wide vertical stripes of alternating colors, but it is also quite effective in rooms with chair rails where the darker color rests below the apparent horizon and the lighter color above.

Great question, and the answer is very important to a good outcome. You need to paint the area beneath the chair rail in the SAME FINISH and SAME COLOR as your trim. If you paint it flat or eggshell in the same color as the trim, the white will read differently than it does on the trim and it will look OFF.

The chairs to paint ideas emily a solid color. Room my question is quite a color of the wall with chair rail for white this blog. Dining room paint colors with chair rail store, paint your signature style and for the lower half of images is not.

Painting two tone walls with chair rail in vertical stripes give it an interesting appearance makes the ceiling appear higher and giving structure to a long time. Choose one or two colors that coordinate with the existing paint on the wall.

Paint Colors Throughout The House. "Say you choose a yellow, a green, and a blue. Paint one room yellow, but make sure it has an accessory in blue and green. In the next room, paint the walls a lighter tint of one of the three colors, and again make sure all three colors are present somewhere in the room.