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Though almost always the same height -- a standard 36 inches -- and depth -- 28 1/4 inches -- the width of kitchen stoves can vary considerably and should be determined by kitchen size. Stove sizes can vary from compact to oversized.

When trying to determine the type and size of windows you need for your space, you have to first determine what exactly standard window sizes are and if you are going to require custom windows or will typical windows work.Common window sizes vary depending on the function of the space such as a standard bathroom window is smaller than a standard kitchen window.

What size of the kitchen cabinet over microwave or hood range? Standard size of a cabinet for over the range microwave oven is 30"wide and 12", or 15" high, but some appliances comes in different sizes, and before buying the cabinets see kitchen appliances specification. Size of opening for dishwasher.

225 square feet : From a study by Pi Consulting. We find the average kitchen size is somewhere in the middle, around 150 square feet. This doesn't mean that your small kitchen or grand kitchen can't benefit from a great design from the beginning or even a well-planned kitchen remodel.

24 inches is a moderate size that looks good in most kitchens. 30 inches are for those looking to add pull-out drawers or perhaps use the space for more food storage. Depth- 24 inches.

The appropriate size of the commercial kitchen. The size of restaurant kitchen should be proportional to the size of the restaurant or better say the number of seats in the restaurant. Of course, different types of restaurants have different needs, but there is a ratio of the size and capacity of the restaurant kitchen.